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Life Coach

Life Coaching

Life coaching and therapy works with your own strengths and creativity to help release the blocks that cause stress, loss of life-force energy and enthusiasm, and that may hinder your ability to handle daily problems. Through a process of guided self-exploration you are guided to consider problem-solving alternatives, reduce stress and attain happier, healthier functioning which may include the following:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Coping with the stresses of care giving – accurately assessing your own strengths, limitations and needs to determine the kinds of help best suited to your situation.

Dealing with loss, grief and bereavement – Grief is a natural reaction to any loss including health, job and friends – not just the death of a loved one. You will learn a three-step approach to understanding and handling the impact of loss.Living more productively and creatively with chronic conditions and illnesses – including techniques for self-empowerment in working with the medical establishment, and finding useful alternative approaches to aid in healthier living.

Improving inter-generational relationships – As parents age and children become adults, it is often necessary to renegotiate the terms of these relationships. You will learn a variety of communication skills and techniques to help make these relationships more workable and empowering.

Living with, or relating to, people who have dementia – Assessing and understanding the limitations and changes that people with dementia undergo will help you determine how to better communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, thus enhancing your ability to relate to them. Call us today at (508) 790-0606 to make an appointment.