Roberto Barbosa – Reiki Master and Life Coach

Jose Roberto Rodrigues Barbosa, A.S., B.S.

Reiki Master and Life Coach

Roberto Barbosa is a Reiki Master and Life Coach at Integrative Medicine and Holistic Wellness Center. He was introduced to Reiki while working as a volunteer on a nonprofit organization in Brazil, taking care of homeless people. Roberto has been working with Reiki to heal and empower lives ever since.

Roberto worked with a Life Coach and Reiki Master in Brasilia, Brazil, who helped him to achieve better Reiki skills. In addition, he studied with Reiki Master Lisa Power and became a Reiki Master as well. On the other hand, after years developing business and personal projects for different people, he has designed a special coaching program to help his students, when he worked as a professor, to describe their objectives, and how to achieve their academic and life goals.

He has also experienced working in different industries, such the military, government, private business and nonprofit organizations.

You should schedule an appointment with Reiki Master Roberto if you have experienced one or more of the following symptoms:

• You feel people intimidate you
• Your life is out of control
• You have deep-seated feelings of inadequacy
• You are experiencing domestic issues at home
• Experiencing difficulty with aging parents
• You are facing problems with intimacy
• You have a fear of failure
• You are feeling burned out
• You are feeling like you may be having a nervous breakdown
• You have an addiction problem with drugs or alcohol
• You are victim of incest
• You have a defiant adolescent
• You suffer from occasional headaches or migraine
• You feel your life has no purpose
• Any other reason that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.

If you would like to schedule an appoir1tment with Reiki Master Roberto, please call 508-790-0606

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