Dr. Rebecca Burgio – Naturopathic Physician


Dr. Rebecca Burgio

Director of New Dimensions Naturopathic Medicine Clinic

Dr. Rebecca Burgio is the appointed Director for our newly established Naturopathic Medicine Center at Integrative Medicine & Holistic Wellness Center.

Dr. Burgio earned her BS in Biology & Biochemistry at Framingham State University. She further attended the University of Bridgeport where she received both a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Naturopathic Medical Doctorate, a feat to be celebrated. She has been in practice for over a decade where she has effectively combined both sciences in meeting the health care of her patients. She has been a proponent of natural medicine since her youth, fully understanding that our present healthcare system is overmedicating and undertreating the most vulnerable among us. An inherent and empathic healer and caretaker, Dr. Burgio treats patients from all walks of life; specializing in digestive disorders, cardiology, detoxification, auto-immune conditions, anxiety and depression, and clinical complaints that are not addressed or resolved by conventional methods. She is also a strong advocate of functional medicine and functional lab testing.

While life expectancy in the U.S. has increased dramatically in our lifetime due to advances in medical technology and public health practices, our actual health ranking has declined when compared to other industrialized nations.

Her goal as a Naturopathic Physician is to treat the cause of disorders while relieving symptoms with natural substances and lifestyle behavioral modification.

Anyone who feels over-medicated and under-treated without resolution to your health needs, do not hesitate to call for an appointment to see Dr. Burgio at our new office in the Cape. Keep in mind that suppressing symptoms is not a good way to life, you deserve better.

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