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Dr. Jose Fernandez

Dr. Jose Fernandez

Hello I am Dr. Jose Fernandez, Center Director for the Integrative Medicine and Holistic Wellness Center. In these trying times, we are all doing our best to stay healthy and well and Integrative Medicine can play a big role in helping you achieve this. Integrative Medicine is a new concept in healthcare offering traditional mainstream medical therapies alongside alternative or complementary therapies as seen below. Integrative Medicine also promotes health and wellness (disease and disability prevention) in contrast to the current “disease model” of traditional health care that focuses on the treatment of Acute illness and medical emergencies.

Laser Therapy


Laser therapy is the newest innovative treatment to be offered at Integrative Wellness. A pain free method using the latest Class 4 laser to reduce pain and swelling and speed recovery. It is used to treat various conditions such as back, knee and shoulder pain.  Also other conditions such as plantar fasciitis and peripheral neuropathy.  Call us today to get our introductory special of $95 for this treatment. 


We are ready to serve you as we work to keep you safe and healthy. From social distancing, to temperature checks, to face coverings, to hand sanitizing, to protective screen, to disinfecting every room after every treatment – be assured we are working hard to keep you safe.


Great service both at reception and in the room with the doctors. I want to emphasize the professionalism with much attention and dedication of all staffs. It was the best encounter I have ever had.

I was very well attended by receptionists, both by telephone and on the day of consultation, all very polite and kind. The consultation was on time. Thanks a lot!

Lely Kim
Lely Kim Client

As a Veteran experience PTSS, my visit to the center's Acupuncturist it was best medical procedure ever.