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Dr. Jose Fernandez

Dr. Jose Fernandez

Integrative Medicine is a new concept in healthcare offering traditional mainstream medical therapies alongside alternative or complementary therapies such as those mentioned in the next paragraph. Integrative Medicine also promotes health and wellness (disease and disability prevention) in contrast to the current “disease model” of traditional health care that focuses on the treatment of Acute illness and medical emergencies.


When choosing supplements, quality is for more important than quantity. We have selected the top of the line food nutrient solutions for your review. The best sources of vitamins and mineral are found in whole foods. There is a great health value that comes from the nutrient complexes found in whole foods.

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Great service both at reception and in the room with the doctors. I want to emphasize the professionalism with much attention and dedication of all staffs. It was the best encounter I have ever had.

I was very well attended by receptionists, both by telephone and on the day of consultation, all very polite and kind. The consultation was on time. Thanks a lot!

Lely Kim
Lely Kim Client

As a Veteran experience PTSS, my visit to the center's Acupuncturist it was best medical procedure ever.

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