Your First Visit

On your first general visit to Integrative Wellness Center you will be interviewed by our medical coordinator, who will be taking your complete medical history and your vitals signs. Besides identifying your immediate health concerns and previous steps taken to address these concerns (doctors, treatments, medications), we want to get a feel for your health habits and routines.

Following this interview, the medical coordinator will refer you to the appropriate practitioner. If you came in to see a specific practitioner, you will see that person, but the medical coordinator will also offer additional options for you to consider and discuss with the primary practitioner. These recommendations will be based on a holistic view of your health care, taking into consideration mind, body and spirit.

Based on your visit and discussion with the primary practitioner, a plan of care will be developed including recommendations for follow up and/or complementary therapies.  This plan will be reviewed with you before you leave the Center and you can decide which elements of the plan are acceptable to you.

When you come to see us please bring the following items:

New Patient Forms

Insurance Card

List of medications and supplements you are currently taking

A copy of any labs or other diagnostic tests you have had done in the past 6 months.