In this video you will hear some amazing testimonials for our Kangen Water Program at Integrative Wellness Center in Hyannis, MA. The Center founder, Dr. Jose Fernandez was able to find digestive relief and is now able to eat anything he likes no matter how acidic it might be. Michaelle OBrion – the center administrator, is able to offer her family the healthiest water available and remove chemical pesticides from the food she serves her family. She is happy to be able to enjoy a chemical free life with Kangen Water. Angela Piermarini – one of many Kangen Water success stories, is able to enjoy a healthy life after a major life threatening illness. She now has more energy, more vitality and more hope that she will live a healthy life going forward.


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Try this amazing Kangen Water on Cape Cod FREE of charge for two weeks and see the difference for yourself. Kangen Water is great for people who are health conscious and vigilant about what they put in their bodies. Poor quality water from tap and bottled waters can be the major source of chemical pollution many people put in their bodies. We are here to show you a better way to hydrate, eliminate toxins to protect your family and the environment. Kangen Water is excellent for people who find it important to detoxify regularly. It is able to restore the delicate chemical balance in the body so that the body can heal itself. The best part is that you can have it fresh from your machine in your home for as little as $20/month. Call Today and schedule an orientation to start your Free Kangen Water trial at Integrative Wellness Center on Cape Cod. You will be glad you did. (508) 790-0606