About Our State of the Art Facility


Cape Cod holistic alternative medical center  About Our State of the Art Facility admin ajaxCongratulations on taking the first step in exploring a new approach to health care. Most of us only think about interacting with the health care system when we are sick or in pain. And while our Center is well equipped to help you meet the every day health challenges of injury, illness and chronic disease, we also want to encourage you to take a more holistic and preventive approach in your daily habits and routines. Good health ensures independence, security and productivity into old age, and we offer a variety of services to promote and maintain health, not just attend to specific symptoms or diseases.

Our integrative approach recognizes the value of a variety of treatment modalities, both traditional and, what up until now, has been considered “alternative” therapies. We don’t believe that our clients have to choose among alternatives, but can benefit from a number of health care options available to them under one roof. Our goal is to work with our clients in creating a strategic plan for improved health and quality of life over a lifespan.

We hope you will take the time to find out about the range of services and treatment options the Center offers, and not be afraid to ask questions. We are offering a series of early evening seminars (check our events calendar) for you to inquire and learn more about the Center’s non- traditional therapies. We look forward to meeting you and welcome the opportunity to explain more fully how our Center and our approach to health care can be customized to your special needs.