Nutrition Counseling and Designed Clinical Nutrition Program

Because “you are what you eat”, our Nutrition Counseling will help you assess your food choices and habits, and counsel better foods for fitness and weight control.

We offer a variety of nutritional programs tailored to the unique needs of our patients. Individualized assessments and follow up visits assist in weight management, reaching nutritional goals and achieving therapeutic results. Our Nutrition Counseling Services include the following:

Science Based Nutrition
Blood, urine and hair tests are used to determine nutritional imbalances reflected in the body’s chemistry so that diets can be tailored to each patient’s unique profile.

21 Day Purification Program
Using whole food supplements, this program helps cleanse and de-toxify your body from the inside out. It is the job of the liver, lymphatic system, kidney, intestines, blood and skin to filter out toxins from your body. This program provides a “spring cleaning” for these organs so they are more efficient at expelling the toxins that build up in the body from pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, caffeine, pollution and preservatives.

Whole Food Supplements
Using the results from our Designed Clinical Nutrition program we prescribe natural, high quality, medical grade supplements with proven effectiveness

Nutrition Response Technique (NRT)
Complete evaluation of the 5 major Stressors of the body; Heavy Metals; Toxic Chemicals; Immune System (bacteria, virus, fungus and parasite); Food Sensitivities (grains, dairy and sugars); and Old Wounds. These are considered to be the major stressors of the body and when these categories are nurished properly, your body responds by becoming healthy.

Food Sensitivity Testing & Allergy Testing
Computerized testing, and traditional IgE and IgG blood testing offered to identify sensitivities, allergies and metabolic sensitivities to pathogens, chemicals, food and other substances.

Alkaline Therapeutic Program
A program utilizing alkaline water to address problems like: stomach acidity and acid reflux disease. Other benefits to alkaline water include: enhances GI tract health; cleanses body chemistry, providing a healthy environment for cells. It is believed that cancer can not survive in an alkaline body.