Everything you need to know about our Integrative Approach

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative Medicine is a new concept in healthcare offering traditional mainstream medical therapies alongside alternative or complementary therapies such as those mentioned in the next paragraph. Integrative Medicine also promotes health and wellness (disease and disability prevention) in contrast to the current “disease model” of traditional health care that focuses on the treatment of acute illnesses and medical emergencies. Lastly, Integrative Medicine is holistic, looking at the mind-body-spirit connection between disease and wellness.

What are some examples of therapies included in the integrative wellness?

The complementary therapies used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments are those that have proven to be effective, safe and appropriate for a patient’s given condition and health status. Some of the therapies offered at the Center are Holistic Medicine, Nurse Practitioner Services, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, NAET Allergy Elimination, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Physical Therapy, Life CoachingTherapeutic Massage, Reiki and Yoga. The National Institute of Health states that many of these therapies are effective in treating pain syndromes, nausea and vomiting, and appear promising in the treatment of asthma, cramps, osteoarthritis and many other chronic ailments. Therapies like Massage, Reiki, Yoga and Healing Touch are designed to tap into and manipulate the body’s own healing energy, and promote balance, peace and relaxation. They have shown to be beneficial to patients ranging in age from premature infants to chronic pain sufferers, cancer patients and many more.

How can I find out more about these complementary therapies?

Our Center offers a series of weekly, early evening, seminars in which the practitioners of these therapies will explain everything you need to know: what the treatments consist of, conditions and ailments for which they are most appropriate, the history and philosophy behind the treatment, and the training and education of practitioners. You may also visit the Services page, for descriptions of the Centers’ various therapies, and the Our Team page for information on all our doctors and practitioners.

How do I decide which therapies I need?

Integrative Medicine is patient centered. You need not sign up for the “whole package” but can pick and choose, with guidance from the Center’s medical coordinator, the therapies that are most suitable for you. The advantage of our Center is that all these therapies are available to you under one roof, and practitioners participating in your care will communicate with one another about the best course of treatment for your condition. In other words, integrative medicine & holistic health allows for personalized, customized care. You can incorporate whatever health care strategies are in keeping with your values, beliefs and philosophies with regard to achieving or maintaining your best health possible.

What can I expect on my first visit?

You will be interviewed to obtain a complete medical history and to identify your immediate health concerns. This interview will take approximately 20 minutes. The medical history will accompany you to visits with your primary practitioner at the Center. Based on the practitioner’s physical exam and review of your history, a plan of care will be developed, including recommendations for additional follow up and/or complementary therapies. This plan will be reviewed with you before you leave the Center and you decide which elements of the plan of care are acceptable to you.

Does insurance cover my treatment?

It will depend on your provider. Many cover selected treatments. You should speak to our financial manager for clarification on treatments that are covered once you receive your plan of care. Patients whose insurance does not cover these therapies should discuss self-payment options. Affordable Care Credit without interest and other finance options are available. Hardship cases will be considered on a case by case basis.

What else do I need to know?

X-Rays are taken ONLY when necessary. We have the latest safe, digital X-Ray technology that will enable you to see and discuss your X-Rays with your practitioner on the same day. Your X-Rays, as well as your medical records, are easily accessible to you or your primary care physician upon request.

The Center has courtesy monthly screening programs (such as posture and spinal analysis, body mass index and blood pressure) and seminars throughout the year. We invite you to check our website and calendar for these scheduled events. Some events require a fee, so it is suggested you make an appointment by calling: (508) 790-0606.

An important goal in the center is to ensure that our patients are seen and treated as promptly as possible. Therefore, we ask that, if you are unable to make your appointment, you call to reschedule. This allows us to stay on track and be responsive to all our patients’ needs.

Thank you sincerely for choosing us as a provider for your health care needs. We’re honored to have you as a patient at the Center. Once you experience the range and quality of our services, and start to feel better, we hope you will do us the great compliment of referring family and friends.

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