Cape Cod Massage Therapy

Cape Cod message therapy therapist Barnstable MA massage therapy Massage Therapy Cape Cod message therapy therapist Barnstable MAMassage therapy involves kneading, stroking and tapping the soft tissues of the body—the muscles, skin and tendons. To do this, therapists can use their fingers, palms, fists or elbows. There are different degrees of massage. Deep tissue massage applies strong pressure along the grain of the muscle to ease pain and tension knots, and to break up scar tissue and eliminate it. Thai massage is a gentler, light massage with the goal of relaxation and stress reduction. It is usually done with the patient fully clothed, lying on a special mat. We recommend you wear comfortable, loose clothing for this type of massage.

Foot Reflexology is massage applied to the feet where, it is believed, each part of the body is connected through the nervous system to specific reflex points or meridians on the feet. Reflexologists massage these points with the thumb to clear the energy pathways to the organs and to help the body heal itself by relaxing stress and releasing endorphins.


Almost anyone can benefit from these three types of massage therapy, and they are often an adjunct to other forms of treatment. Research studies have found that massage is good for all types of pain control by stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever. Massage has also proven effective with:

  • chronic fatigue syndromes
  • anxiety and depression
  • anxiety and withdrawal from cigarette smoking
  • poor posture from spinal curvature or whiplash
  • fatigue, muscle spasms and sports-related soreness
  • cancer treatment to reduce anxiety, pain and fatigue
  • neck, back and shoulder pain and stiffness
  • strained muscles and ligaments
  • limited range of motion